My eBook: How to Leverage Social Media in Pharma / Life Sciences

My eBook: How to Leverage Social Media in Pharma / Life Sciences

I have had the pleasure of being able to connect with many people in health care, digital marketing and digital health over the years and it has brought multiple opportunities to share ideas, best practices and discuss how to best leverage social media in regulated Pharma/Medical Device and Life Sciences industry.

I recently had the opportunity to author an eBook with NextPrinciples and it was my absolute pleasure to partner with them. Everyone at NextPrinciples is great to work with and if you are looking for a platform to help you manage  your social media campaigns, identify key influencers that also integrates easily with third-party applications I would encourage you to take a very hard look at NextPrinciples. It's a very good platform.

I should note that I was not  and have not been compensated in any way for this. I believe in marketing automation as a concept and believe it is absolutely the best way to effectively manage social media and digital marketing campaigns.

Read the eBook here and please share as often as possible.

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