When Will Digital Money Follow Digital Attention? Eventually....

AttentionChart4_x582.jpg (582×411)

There is a simple premise in marketing that money follows attention. Each new medium from newspapers to magazines to radio to television has created new opportunities for marketers to reach people; and money as in advertising usually follows.

Kevin Kelly, the well known technologist and editor from Wired wrote an outstanding article in Technology Review about this and I highly recommend the quick read. He has also blogged about it here.

Essentially, he maps media consumption and suggests that we're in a transition period and while television dominates attention and dollars today that there is an increase in Internet and that money follows attention--eventually.

So the question is for health care companies is if you know that your customers are going online whether it's consumers or health care professionals what are you doing to reinvent so that you can capture attention in the future? Because when the money follows, you want to make sure you have a plan....to capture and engage.

Image via: www.technologyreview.com

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