Follow the Eyeballs...Where Digital in Rx/Dx Marketing is Failing

As I sit in front of the TV contemplating a new post, which by the way, is long overdue. I can only think about the untold millions of dollars that are spent on TV advertising by health care companies living in the reach and frequency world. It should be noted that they are living there for multiple reasons, including TV is sexy, marketing people love to say they are going on a "shoot" and that digital metrics trail in being able to put together the story to convince people that digital is the way to reach your customers.

I have seen tons of research that are slap yourself upside the head simple to understand that people are online. However, the data to prove that the media mix balance is off-kilter is a little tougher to come by. The issue is that executives need to see the numbers to make the decision. WHY is digital better.

Mary Meeker, famed Internet analyst, outlined 10 questions for Internet Executives.

It's well worth the read, but one questions is particularly relevant when locating data to understand the opportunity that digital presents but isn't yet filling.

Slide 15

Dollars are not yet following eyeballs. Plain and simple. That is missed opportunity.

Until you can figure out a way to tell that story and show empirical data TV dollars in Rx/Dx firms will continue to trump digital.

Here is reference to WARC (World Advertising and Research Forum) a research and media firm that provides ideas and evidence (their words) to tell the digital media story.

If you can combine these elements and get the time to make the case, the facts can not be denied.


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