Disease Management and Connected Health is a Marathon

I was cleaning my office recently and stumbled across a notebook that I had from a decade ago - it is dated October 2000. It is a collection of notes, thoughts and ideas.

I found a passage that particularly struck me and really reinforces the point that chronic care management and connected care are, and will continue to be, works in progress.

"Care of the chronically ill is inefficient, inconvenient, labor intensive and economically unsustainable with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hyper tension and asthma consume 70% of all healthcare spending in 1998."
That was followed by this nugget.

"The importance of the Internet -- look forward 5 years and where will we be in regards to the management of chronic disease and health management via the Internet?
 And then this last one.

"Use Bluetooth to send data via wireless networks."

The point is not that I am Nostradamus  when it comes to disease management and connected health care, the point is why is it taking so long? What levers need to be pulled to make this move faster?

That's the answer I wish I had. I think it starts and ends somewhere with behavior change and generational belief systems driving health changes, but that seems to acknowledge and accept the glacial pace we are on and that is not a good enough answer.

Image via http://blog.iconecto.com/

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