What Disney Movies and Digital in Rx/Dx Organizations Have in Common

I was a Journalism major and at various points in my life I aspired to write screenplays. I printed screenplays from favorite movies, studied them, bought books on how to write a script; and I still have the tattered and dog-eared notebook filled with nuggets, kernels and half-baked ideas that I hoped would eventually turn into the million dollar screenplay. However, I quickly realized that writing is a craft that requires practice and I am not gifted with an overwhelming amount of patience or natural writing skill; so I tabled that fleeting ambition and moved on to other ideas.

I am a father of two young kids and have watched my fair share of Disney movies over the years. On my way back from a recent trip to Walt Disney World, the happiest place on earth, I thought on the plane ride back about how completely satisfied I was with the trip and how Disney turns their stories so effectively into an experience. I think the storytelling, believe it or not, has similarities to the current state of digital marketing in the Rx/Dx industries.

All movies have a plot structure and some are definitely better than others, but Disney movies in particular often follow a similar plot structure that can be categorized as the heroes journey.

This structure could be further distilled down into the following steps:

1. Everything is Good

2. Something Bad Happens!

3. A plan is developed to fix the bad and everybody lives happily ever after.

The similarity to what is going on in Rx/Dx organizations today is that for marketing has largely been the same for the last 20 years. The marketing channels were known, you developed your marketing messages and you blasted with reach (number of people) and frequency (how often) your message.

In a story or plot structure that is the "everything is fine" part.

However, the rise of digital and social media has thrown a wrench into marketing planning. This is the "something bad happens" that the industry is in the midst of managing through.

In the future, digital and social will take a central role in marketing while traditional marketing becomes ancillary to the new digital and social engagement models.

The question is do organizations recognize how quickly this shift is occurring and are they moving fast enough to develop the plan to fix the bad and ensure that everyone lives happily ever after?

I have been blogging here since 2008 and have been focused solely on digital, social and connected health topics. In those three years, and particularly the last two years, I have seen the pace pick-up very significantly. So much so, that I think in some cases I think we'll look back in years to come and wonder why so much time was spent on whether Rx/Dx should move to social media or not when the real conversation is why are companies and brands not moving more quickly to social media but why aren't they sprinting there because they are in the sheer fight for relevance.

Those that realize that they are in a fight for relevance and proactively move to showing their human side, connecting, engaging and providing real value will be much better off.

There is no amount of reach and frequency that can overcome irrelevance.

Image via toptenz.net

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