Digital Strategy and Behavior Change

Digital and social media has changed the game for marketers and your customers are always in the present. They are in a lean-forward, searching, learning, sharing, and exchanging information. We live in a very dynamic world where brand sentiment, preferences and behavior is constantly changing.

So, when developing your digital strategy are you trying to change customers behavior by building ANOTHER web site that you have to keep fresh with content, invest in traffic generation and attempt to change or disrupt your customers behavior in hopes that they find it?

Or do you understand your customers behavior and know you can't change their habits so you develop a plan to distribute your message and content where people are already spending their time?

I can tell you that trying to change behavior is difficult. Consider that Google has over 1 trillion web sites indexed and the average person has 7-10 Web sites they visit regularly.

The odds are stacked against you to think that you can build something really impactful without a very solid plan and budget to drive awareness. If you don't have the plan or the budget - I know what strategy I would take.

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