The Patient Uprising: Healthy Thinkers Unite!

Last year I wrote a post called the Patient Uprising: A Revolution is Coming. In that post I put forth my thoughts on how social media and how the Health 2.0 movement was changing the game for pharma and diagnostics. Nothing that has happened over the last 12 months has changed my opinion of this Health 2.0 movement and in fact it’s exciting to see some of my predictions coming closer to reality. 

Below is the excerpt from what I wrote previously. And the train is not slowing down on the great ideas, crowd-sourcing and idea generation to move social media and connected health movement. Jonathon Richman, from Dose of Digital, initiated a GREAT idea on his blog this week called Healthy Thinkers. 
It really reinforces what I said in 2009 and how the collective can and will begin to have an impact. 

From A Patient Uprising: The Revolution is Coming

We will move more into the semantic web and this consumer led movement clears the way for collaborative groups to join together through enabling technologies to find, share and combine information. The notion of the wisdom of crowds and crowd sourcing are concepts that have yet to really take off in health care, but combine the idea of the semantic web and crowd sourcing and you have the beginnings of a grassroots-led populace as a driving force that can have an impact on managing health and more specifically a disease or condition.
From the follow-up, A Patient Uprising: A Confederacy Begins
I recently was privileged to participate in an event that brought bloggers, online community leaders and patient advocates together with leaders from a prominent association that has the mission to prevent and serve those living with a chronic disease. What I observed left me convinced more than ever that the patient uprising will not only occur but is already underway and accelerating pretty quickly.

The conversation flowed freely and the passion to lead and help fight for the cause was clearly evident by all parties in the room. The question that came to my mind, is not how bloggers, community leaders and patient advocates become more plugged into the status quo and play nicely in the proverbial sandbox, but how do you harness the power and passion this group of people brought together by a common disease to develop a confederacy that can really work together to make a profound difference? How could they develop a bottom up, grassroots, groundswell of change?
This is just the tip of the iceberg and reinforces some of the activities you can see across health care from app development, rich Internet applications, collaborative social media efforts and product development. 

A big hat tip to Jonathon for kicking off this worthy initiative and my hope is that it really generates creative and fruitful ideas for all. Support it if you can.

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