Why Aren't Rx/Dx Marketers Doing More Advocacy?

October is the official Breast Cancer Awareness month and it is estimated that over 200,000 people (predominantly women but some men) will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

I am a big football fan and you can't help but notice the pink that college and pro players are wearing to honor awareness. The campaign has raised millions of dollars to fund research over the last few years. It's now the benchmark for effective disease fund raising and awareness.

By comparison, according to the CDC diabetes impacts 24 million people in the US.  Further, 133 million Americans suffered from a chronic disease, almost 1 in 2 people. Those are big, big numbers.  There's probably a separate blog post in those numbers and how breast cancer has risen into the collective consciousness, yet chronic diseases have a much higher incidence and are the leading the cause of death (not too mention chronic diseases are responsible for the majority of costs in the health care system).

However, it occurred to me that some of the best Rx/Dx social media that I am aware of has been tied to advocacy of some kind. There are many examples including Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer among others and whether it's raising funds for cancer research, driving awareness of a particular disease or advocating for better education, it all ties back to putting the patient first, raising awareness and raising money to find a cure.

That makes sense since the tenets of social media dovetail nicely into advocacy, which can create a halo effect and positive awareness.

So my question is: Why aren't more Rx/Dx focusing on advocacy as the baseline for their Social Media efforts?

Oh yeah, it's tough to measure the effectiveness outside of the dollars. My counter argument would be that for all of the custom market research that feeds development of a print ad that no one sees or print materials that get created to collect dust in the back of a sales rep car; why couldn't those funds be better utilized in developing a social media effort that is advocacy based and raises money for research? It's good for the patient and it's the right thing to do. I would recommend that you consider using advocacy and putting the patient first in your social media planning.

Interested in more of my thoughts on advocacy go here.

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