Why Rx/Dx May Never Catch Up

The Deck is Stacked

I was reading my feeds this morning and a quick post from Steve Rubel regarding Google Instant that left me, well, let's just say stunned for a moment.

Rubel suggests that Google Instant renders SEO irrelevant. That notion, if it becomes true, is another indication of the coming semantic web and a nail in the marketing coffin for industries struggling to stay relevant with consumers. Not only is SEO a boutique business and a staple of digital agencies everywhere, it THE business for many agencies.

What occurred to me is digital marketing and social media has brought heightened awareness and driven the need for change in marketing for Pharma and Diagnostics companies, but it is in many respects a zero sum game. Rx/Dx will always be on the wrong side of the technology. Imagine how many line items there are in the 2011 budget for SEO? I'm sure many.

The deck is stacked and currently in the favor of the consumer or in this case the patient. As a vocal proponent of Health 2.0 and the shift to the consumer, I am glad to see technology change at this pace, but from a marketing perspective, it only makes me want to break the current Rx/Dx marketing model in order to bring real change, build real trust and provide real value.

So while the debate about FDA Guidelines rages on, companies slumber along and technology shifts continue there are whole industries that are struggling to find ways to stay relevant. Perhaps the sooner we all embrace the idea that it's not about your brand and that you've lost control the better off we will all be and the sooner we can move on to digital marketing activities that reflect the patient and their needs(how novel).  It reminds me of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Grief Model and everyone is still in the Denial stage. However, by the time we get to acceptance, another shift has already occurred and it starts all over again. 

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