Social is the Future....Again

I saw this article in the Med Ad News and while it doesn't cover any particularly new ground I did have to laugh at the headline for the last paragraph, which I think sums up the situation with social media and Rx/Dx companies. Sorry to cut to the chase, but here it is.

Conclusion: If You Can’t Ignore Them, Join Them
As the Web continues to evolve and social media eventually transforms all media, people will be digitally conversing as actively and openly about their health as they do now about consumer products, entertainment, and sporting events. But as we know, pharma is far from embracing the medium, and remains justifiably skeptical. As a reality check, we should keep our ultimate goals in mind, namely stimulating physician/patient conversations, providing the right information to the right audience at the right time, and demonstrating the level of transparency required for engendering our customer’s trust. By slowly growing, learning, and adapting to better meet the changing needs of our audience and their unique points of view, we can nonetheless monitor the pulse of these new and exciting developments in social media, and ease our clients slowly into the inevitable.
I have worked with Ignite Health and they are good and smart folks. Check them out here

It also reminded me of a quote that Jeremiah Owyang said when I met him last year (he said he borrowed it from someone) so I can't properly attribute it, but it goes along the lines of the Ostrich putting his head in the sand. "put your head in the sand and get kicked in the butt."

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