What's In Your Strategy? 3 Ways to Get it Sold!

I am fond of the saying, "one man's strategy is another man's tactics." Meaning that strategy often depends on perspective and goals.

Here are three approaches to selling your digital or social media strategy.

1. Work Top Down: In most Rx/Dx organizations Digital and Social Media strategy is usually coming from the bottom up and not top down. The Internet in general can be a tough explanation let alone social media. To top it off, it's often being developed from the middle of the organization. My suggestion is to go as high as you can and work your way down through the organization. It's much easier to buy/sell a strategy when Sr. Leadership has already seen and approved your approach.

2. Find common ground: In order to get buy-in on your strategy you have to get buy-in from all corners of marketing. That means that every function (product, branding, corp. communications, etc) all have to buy in and off on your proposed approach. The difficulty is that people usually come at decision making from their own perspective. Find the common ground and work from that perspective. It usually helps you identify potential issues and objections that you can prepare to satisfy internal stakeholders and move your strategy forward.

3. Anticipate Objections: One of the biggest reasons strategies can go sideways is because there hasn't been enough time and thought put into objections and risks. Make sure you thoroughly analyze potential objections from all perspectives and the associated risks. Things like business risks, cost risks, audience risks, etc. This is not trivial and will make or break the entire strategy if not carefully evaluated and accounted for in your strategy and proposal.

In the end, if you develop your strategy and build in the above into your plan, you will likely be perceived as analytical, strategic and thorough. Those are all characteristics you want to be known for. 

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