Question? Will the iSlate Advance the Healthcare Technology Proposition?

Is 2010 the year mobile and mHealth taking off? Is Apple's Projected launch of their tablet PC iSlate a game changer?

Mmm, let's think for a moment. Thanks to Continua Health Alliance we're moving towards end-to-end solutions with devices talking to data aggregators, which will talk to electronic medical records. Google and Microsoft and others are fighting to store your medical data, Doctor's are being incentivized by President Obama to move to EMRs; and Apple is coming out with a product that is user friendly...easy to use...stuffed with memory...sized to be easily carried and work of a wi-fi network or 3 or 4g network. Umm, I'm gonna say that this helps the cause. In fact, I think it advances the cause very significantly because it fills the gap. The device has been the missing piece for adoption because it's one thing to have a doctor look up prescription data on a PalmPilot or mobile device but how practical is that for real usage--everyday? It's not. However, the iSlate, if it comes as expected, will be a game changer in my estimation. Docs can use that.

In fact I think that will take us from about mile 3 to mile 10 with little to no effort in the marathon of connected health.

Thoughts? Reactions?

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