P&G Wakes Up and Smells the Coffee.

I recall reading an article in Ad Age back about a year ago where the head of digital for leading consumer marketer Proctor & Gamble said that he wasn't sure marketers belonged on Facebook.

That struck me as odd at the time. Odd enough in fact that the article lodged in my memory. As a consumer, on the one hand I agree that marketing can be intrusive. However, as a marketer and a digital marketer, I was surprised that he would go on record in Ad Age with such a strong position. I can see where you would parse your words carefully and indicate that your testing and learning (this is P&G we're talking about after all). But no, the P&G Digital "Guru" (emphasis mine) said in late 2008:

"I have a reaction to that as a consumer advocate and an advertiser," he said. "What in heaven's name made you think you could monetize the real estate in which somebody is breaking up with their girlfriend?"

He further adds.

While it's not a company policy, but rather a personal preference, Mr. McConnell said, "I really don't want to buy any more banner ads on Facebook."
I thought this was a rather stunning admission and incredibly short-sighted. To read the full article go here.

So imagine my surprise when I read today that P&G is embracing Facebook as a part of a big marketing push. AdAge article here.

So, I'll just go ahead and say it, not much has changed with social media as a marketing strategy since late 2008 other than it enjoyed its coming out party in 2009. It was a good idea then and and it's a good idea now.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Measurement is where it will be at in 2010. Organization must be able to provide value to the consumer and join the conversation in an authentic way. For the marketer you have to be authentic and be able to show value within your organization in order to keep social going in your organization.

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