The Most Shocking Health Care Reform Post Ever

Did I get your attention?

So I have been thinking about health care reform lately. Can anybody really explain it?

Here are my thoughts on how to "reform" health care and before you start commenting, this is tongue in cheek--kind of.

1. Tier insurance premiums based on BMI If you are overweight and therefore more likely to require medical intervention you will pay an insurance premium that is noticeable. If you reduce your BMI to normal range than premiums go down.

Conversely, healthy people with normal BMI's pay a reduced insurance cost. This could be considered discrimination but human psychology shows that change only comes when people are either financially incented or negatively financially impacted.

2. Re-allocate health care spending to target prevention rather than treatment. Right now I think it is a 95/5 ratio. It should be more 40/60.

3. Start running Public Service Announcements aimed at Gen X and generations down at healthy eating and disease prevention. Mass market, sustained blanket coverage of why being healthy is a smart idea. My 5-year old already scolds me for running the water while I brush my teeth, why can't a healthy lifestyle be ingrained in kids? Start now. Go fast.

4. Require everyone eat an apple a day.

Seems simple enough, right?

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Jim, do you think folks will build on the H1N1 scare (PSAs on washing hands, etc...) to tackle other health issues through mass media?

    The new format looks great. Happy New Year.