Social Media Guru....

This video is hilarious. NSFW language. I am no guru, but I do think social media as a stand alone "thing" is over. It will ease gracefully into interactive efforts over all and is a part of the overall mix. I wrote about this earlier in the year and it is definitely upon us.

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  1. Aaron Savage said...

    My feeling is that 2010 will be the year when digital stops thinking tactics and starts to pull things together into an overall digital marketing strategy with focus on the customer. For fifteen years now digital has been focused on the new a bit like a child at Christmas but this has to be the year when digital as a marketing industry grows up and takes its place as a meaningful top table supplier of marketing solutions to clients. The reason is simple, clients are demanding it.

    The tune that offline and integrated agencies are currently sticking to is that this is a natural shakeup and evolution but I can't help feeling that integrated agencies are still fixed in a way of working where 'the message' is still king with a focus on broadcast techniques. This is why I think digital agencies who get it right will have a storming year.

    There is still some very annoying people around, like the person in the cartoon who are making money with no actual skill and leading uneducated clients down dark alleys, but I think this next year will shake those people out.

    It's looking at the digital marketing professional and the digital native and this time next year I think everyone will understand the difference.