10 Loyalists

I saw this post back in at Seth Godin's blog. I wasn't sure what to make of it, and honestly, I am still not sure. I do find it fascinating and wonder, really wonder if this kind of thing could work in Rx/Dx? The application has obvious usage in traditional consumer goods and plays on "maven" or hipster brand. I can see Rock & Republic releasing an exclusive selvege denim jeans this way in NYC; but does this have any application to Rx/Dx marketing?

Then on the way back from travels this past week I read an article in Wired about a writer who tried to disappear in the digital age and had readers try to find him using Twitter. It became a grassroots effort to try and crack the case and it gained some notoriety online.

Taking the two thoughts in combination, I wonder if you could recruit 10 online influencers, bloggers, or patient opinion leaders in any given health care segment and have them kick up the zeitgeist of a disease and raise the awareness for a period of time, could you could make a difference? Could it raise money? Could it be sustained for a month? Could you raise real dollars?

I think Rx/Dx marketing is in dire need of more cleverness in order to break through the clutter and build goodwill and break the stigma of "big pharma." I wonder, just wonder, if Seth's 10 loyalists would work? Would you need to incentivize the 10 loyalists? Would they do a social experiment to see if it would work and raise the antennae for a disease?

Hmmm, questions. What do you think?

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