The Fun Factor! We All Need To Make it More Fun!

I am reminded of the adage that you get the behavior you reward. Via Josh at Jellyvision, he sent me links to these videos.

Behavior change is all around us and affects almost every aspect of your life. Whether you need to lose a few pounds, or start exercising, begin to eat healthier or take your medication. There are all kinds of tools, tips, reminders and apps to help you stay on course. Of course, human behavior being what it is, you're always in a constant state of developing a new habit.

I am confidant that new generations will not start (smoking) or be tied to bad habits of today and are being indoctrinated at a young age to eat healthy, conserve natural resources and be friendly to the environment ( I know I have a kindergartner).

However, for the rest of us, how can you start a new habit or break an old one? Maybe, by making it fun and enjoyable. Sounds reasonable enough and from a marketing perspective the fun factor is something that is not utilized nearly enough. I think it also meshed quite nicely with social media and the new paradigm for reaching people and that is to provide value, value value and also make it kind of fun.

This is especially true to Rx/Dx companies. Wouldn't you rather do something fun rather than "comply" or "adhere?"

Here are a couple of videos of how a Swiss firm put that notion to the test.

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