I Love Good Strategy

Whether it's business strategy, the strategy of a negotiation or in this case, President Obama's strategy for how they "controlled" (quotes mine) the media during the campaign. Now, I caveat, that I think these tactics in no way are controlling the media, when they choose what is "news" (quotes mine) and what's not, e.g. Balloon Boy (I'm not linking out to that bit of non-news).

But I do think it is deep understanding of how things work and putting that knowledge to work for you. That, in my book, is good strategy. If the media zigs, you zag.

As it applies to marketing, I think there is an all too familiar trap that all marketers can fall into. That trap is very reliant on primary research, competitive intelligence and your spot in the market pecking order. In essence, it creates a lemming effect and sameness in a category. Competitors model the category leader or all competitors are targeting the same customer and are unable to differentiate because everyone is going after the same space. You can see this all over Rx/Dx where there is very little differentiation between brands.

Like President Obama, in order to change the tired model, you have to be bold and do something different. I particularly like the Blue Ocean Strategy.

The only way to beat the competition is to stop trying to beat the competition.
Doing something different is tough. That's why more people don't do it.

Check out the video here and the article here.

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