The Health Care Uprising: Follow-up

Back in August I wrote a post called The Healthcare Uprising: A Revolution is Coming You can reference it here and it is fully posted over at

In the post, I put forth my summation for why I think consumers are prime for a uprising and that technology will enable a revolution of sorts for self-care. This post got a little traction on Twitter and because I referenced Jeremiah Owyang, formerly of Forrester Research, in some forums, etc.

I firmly believe that the confluence of consumer empowerment, technology and health care will in the end yield a different type of health care model that we have not yet seen, and many people I have come to realize cannot imagine. One in which the patient is in charge, self-care becomes more influential via information and OTC treatments and as you read in my previous post where consumers, you and me are able to turn tables on the current model.

The Atlantic, a well read and respected magazine seems to concur and has an article titles Power to Patients in their October issue that treads the same ground. The writer draws some interesting parallels to other industries where there has been widespread disintermediation such as travel agents. Check it out.

At the end of the day, I think the time is right, it's just a matter of how quickly technology can shape and drive the change.

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