Truth From Doctor's on How To Solve The Healthcare "Crisis"

I went to my GP the other day to update him with some labs I had done and follow-up on a few things. The discussion turned to health care reform.
My doctor had a brilliant line about how to solve the health care crisis (by the way, interesting to note that when you need something to get done call it a crisis) went something along the lines of, "if you are  a person of decent health and you're at a barbecue and ate too much and suddenly feel your chest tighten, take a Tums instead of going to the ER."
I thought that was funny and true. Their are many underlying issues for the health care crisis and maybe the biggest one is education. I've been thinking a lot about this lately as it relates to generational shifts, attitudes about going to doctor, technology for self-care, dietary habits and preventative care. I'll write a post on it shortly, but suffice to say that I think this crisis can resolve itself organically with out a lot of government intervention.
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