How Do You Stay Relevant?

Staying relevant is becoming harder and harder for brands, celebrities and marketing in general.
Ongoing fragmentation and technology tools that allow accelerate fragmentation makes this happen. It is now at a point where you can't simply show up, have a 'me too' product and win your share of sales. You have to have a a good or better product, a message that is impactful, provides value and cuts through the clutter.
I often see marketing these days that reeks of 'me too' and desperation. Companies are increasingly trying to up the ante, shout louder, and double down on efforts.  All of this marketing smells, looks and acts exactly like what it is--bad marketing. Examples are everywhere. Is this an inevitable trait of marketing and success? Do you have to jump the proverbial shark to keep getting your message across?
No, you don't.
You can be truthful with yourself and understand what your customers want. Ask them, they are more than happy to tell you. You can tell simple stories that are easy to understand that are relevant. You can have patience to see out a simple strategy. You can have perspective and a horizon longer than 3 months from now. You can provide value without any expectation of a return. You can explore new methods of delivering your message. If they don't work try again.
Simple strategy outlines the who you want to reach, the objective of reaching those people, what your approach will be to reach your objective, how you will do it and how will you know if you successful.
Once you break it down into a process, it is pretty simple. Once you listen, you know what they want. Once you know what people want, you align your efforts and marketing activities.
Why is something so simple seemingly so difficult for Rx companies?
I know the answer, but that'll have to come another day.

What do you think? How can companies stay relevant?
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