Connected Health: Your Future Doctor is In?

Hat tip to Josh at Jellyvision who sent this to me.

HelloHealth is the latest on the well traveled road to providing the bridge from patients to doctors online. What's a little different here it seems is that rather than try to boil the ocean with a massive solution for all doctor's and patients. HelloHealth is focusing on a simple interface, simple design and maximum social components and capabilities such as IM or video chat.

I can see where this would be very popular in high density cities, such as NYC where this is based as a very convenient option. However, it will take some time to trickle into the smaller metro areas. I can also see where this would have a great benefit in a rural setting.

What's not very clear to me is how HelloHealth makes money or how they are really different when it comes to intefacing with your doctor or scheduling your next appoint. Simplicity is great, but it's not a game changer.

Welcome from Hello Health on Vimeo.

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