Back from the Dead...

I've slowed my posting down from the already slow pace it was on because work and life tends to get in the way, vacation came and went and I was lacking in some inspiration. My normal posting is usually topic driven, brief, with some editorial on how it can/will/may impact Rx/Dx companies. It's admittedly not terribly original, but I hope to convey a unique perspective.

However, it seems it's the same news and metrics coming out rehashed over and over. It has given me a chance to step back and take a breath and think about things on a longer horizon.

However, I've been thinking about doing some longer form op-ed type of stuff because I just don't see anybody out there talking about stuff that I want to see. I might be looking in the wrong places, but I haven't seen any new thought come out that addresses specific thoughts on paradigm shift with consumer being empowered and connected health care so I might as well take a breather and see if I can advance the ball a little bit. So you may see the duration of time between my posts lengthen but the content and thought process that goes into them will as well.

We will see how it goes...I'm still noodling on the first piece but plan to get it up in the next day or so. Let's just say that I think that ultimate health care reform is not a top down exercise.

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