Mobile + Med Device

Very thorough coverage of the impact of a mobile device becoming a medical device on Ad Age.

I highly recommend you do a full read of the article and the comments.

"This is a seminal moment for the pharmaceutical industry," said Tim Gee, principle of Beaverton, Ore.-based Medical Connectivity Consulting. "The trend to incorporate more medical devices into consumer electronics is going to explode." Added Dr. Michael Ostrovsky, an editor for "If you look at what the iPhone can offer both patients and clinicians, it's truly an untapped market."

It's also fertile ground for marketers of medical products and prescription drugs aimed at medical professionals and consumers. "The app is the new 'let's build a website' when we're presenting tactical plans," said the head of one pharmaceutical ad agency. "That's absolutely true," said Michael Guarini, the president of New York-based health-care agency Flaum Communications. "I talk to clients all the time about mobile technology. We use the term 'smartphone,' but the iPhone is ahead of everybody else."

I am as bullish as anyone on the potential. My iPhone has enhanced my life in countless ways and I think device convergence is natural. However, either I am crazy as a loon or there is some overly optimistic people out there. I am naturally very optimistic and pretty close to the industry, but I hate having to be the voice of reason injecting some realism into the conversation.
Tim Gee extols how this is a "seminal moment" for the pharmaceutical industry then goes on to explain how the iPhone will impact devices.

That may be a nit-pick, but the fact is that there is no good news going on in Rx/Dx so I guess this makes it as seminal as any other right now. I think the opportunity is bigger short-term for 3rd-party and disease state app builders who focus on prescription/testing adherence, e.g reminders and useful disease state information. Then down the line for devices and apps that can facilitate better chronic disease management. The fact is there is natural resistance to Rx/Dx companies and I think there is better uptake opportunity at the moment with 3rd party developers.

Really, is someone going to download a Viagra app? What's it going to do?

I've talked in the past that I don't think you'll see a ton of traction in the market until there is an end-to-end solution, which is coming but we're not there yet. Until then you'll see alot of money being spent, some novelty and a lot of effort trying to get people to find your app among the 35K other apps.

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