10 Digital Marketing Ideas...

Every now and then I come across a post that when I read it, I say to myself, "damn, I wish I would have written that." Kudos to Jonathon Richman of doseofdigital.com because he did write it.

Here is an excerpt and I would recommend the full read at his site. I particularly like #2, which would be #1 if anybody had the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing in a time frame when it is still avant garde and not obvious.

1. Create a game for the Wii Fit that helps your patients manage their disease and begin a proper exercise and fitness regimen. I just wrote about this. More details on why this is a good idea in my post.
2. Get rid of your brand website. No one is really visiting your site anyway. It’s likely not driving anyone to get a prescription and it’s almost certainly not getting anyone to stay on your treatment. Instead, take all the money you were going to spend on your site and create great content that you syndicate out to credible third-party sites. The information can include branded and unbranded information, but it would now be located where patients (and doctors) are likely to find it and pay attention. It’ll be on the health sites they trust at a time when they’re researching their condition.
3. Add ratings and reviews to your brand site. Don’t want to get rid of your website? Okay, how about adding ratings and reviews to your site. Every other industry has realized that this is critical to building trust with visitors because it shows authenticity. It turns out that simply having reviews can increase traffic, conversion rate, and average order value (see more detail here). In addition, negative reviews aren’t an issue so long as there aren’t only negative reviews. Your products are already being reviewed on sites like iGuard, so why not bring this onto your site and build some credibility with your patients?
4. Install Google Friend Connect. Wonder who your real friends are? Install this tool and see. Visitors can join your site, which in turn adds your site to their Google profile as one of their “friend” sites. They can comment on the site and quickly and easily share your site with friends. A simple way to add a little social media to your site without going too far. Not sure what Friend Connect is? Here’s the video from Google explaining it.

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