iPhone Apps keep Growing

WebMD is developing an ad for Medscape as an app for physicians. That's not all that surprising, but I wanted to highlight a quote from this article that I think is key for mobile apps in general and particularly for the HCP market.

"Regarding the potential for targeted marketing opportunities, WebMD's spokesperson said: “We are focused right now on putting quality applications onto mobile devices, and as we build a mobile user community, commercial opportunities will follow.”
This could be looked at a couple of ways:

1) They don't know how to make money yet but want to be out there.


2) The money is not important right now as they see the potential for competition and fragmentation and want to build critical mass on their mobile app and then start a paying model down the line.

Either way, I think there is merit to being there first and letting the commercial opportunities follow. In this case as a large brand, well-respected brand to build a following. Apps are popping up overnight literally like mushrooms and very soon you will have to have a strong brand and some strong marketing to get through the clutter. There will need to be a spectacular app from a feature/functionality standpoint to break through the "free" app clutter.

I can't imagine how futile it may be in a year or two when the laggards try to break in after dropping a mint on development of a "me too" app and can't figure out why they aren't getting downloaded.

So it goes....

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