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They have a provocatively titled interview with Google Health Product Manager Roni Zeiger, : The Future of health care is mobile.

Not a ton of info, but it is clear that mobile is the wild frontier of unclaimed health space. I truthfully think everyone is, to use the expression, "building the airplane while flying it" and not entirely sure where things will end up but everyone seems to want to be on the plane even though they know they might die and are not sure where they will land.

I can tell you that technology needs to mature, reimbursement needs to come into play and patients/HCPs need to widely adopt. This is the marathons of all marathons and I'm here to tell you that the last mile is absolutely the toughest and I'd say we're at around mile 4--at best.

The issue I see is that this land grab has been occurring for a while and I'm not sure I see a ton of progress. I can go back almost 10 years that I have been in the space and there isn't much traction other than a lot of VC money has been burned and consumers and HCPs are online. But if you go back 5-6 years consumers were online then too and "silver surfers" were the fastest growing segment going online. The same is true today except the "silver surfers" are now the fastest growing segment on Facebook.

I may be oversimplifying to make my point, but online health care delivery model seems to be more plausible for widespread adoption than mobile and that hasn't taken off so the next logical step is to look for the next distribution channel and stake grand there. I don't know that we have solved the core issues, which I think are reimbursement and patient/HCP adoption. Unless insurance companies pay for it and docs get paid--it's not gonna happen folks.

So much to talk about and so little time. I'll be watching and I would love to have someone call me a liar within the next decade.

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