Entering the Conversation

I think many Rx/Dx companies are wrapping their arms around social media and beginning to get into Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I haven't seen Ortho companies move there yet, but they eventually will in 2015 or so (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

However, one aspect to social media that I don't know that organizations have fully taken into account is how social media's strength is not just in creating bi-directional dialogue but the impact it can have to market research, competitive intelligence and for customer insights. Companies need to prepare equally to capture this information in some form of knowledge management mechanism in order to get the full benefit from social media and the ensuing conversations. If you're not then you are only talking and not really listening.

Sure, some Rx/Dx companies are going to have some short-term bursts of productivity using social media, but to really embrace the change that it can bring you have to be flexible and modify your course across multiple disciplines. This means your marketing message, market research, product development, future marketing efforts with Facebook as the fulcrum point? Launch a product to your Facebook fans? Develop a loyalty /adherence program exclusively through Facebook? Find your best customer and treat them like royalty? Use the same group to get early product feedback? Build a product (device side mainly) with requirements provided exclusively from social media? Not yet....

This too will change, but not for awhile.

Article from MMM.

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