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Johnson & Johnson's McNeil Pediatrics launched a second ADHD-focused Facebook page on April 22, this time targeting adults in the US with the disorder.

The Facebook page, called ADHD Allies (, features ADHD experts serving as online team leaders whom offer “insight, experiences and advice to help other adults with ADHD take on its real-life challenges and realities,” according to a McNeil statement.

This article a good primer for entering social media for Rx/Dx companies as noted by McNeil Pediatrics spokesperson Tricia Geoghegan.

“There is no brand, any brand at all, on the site,” said Geoghegan. “[ADHD Allies] is about people talking to people. It's relational as opposed to transactional.”
Well I disagree on the brand part because you can have your brand out there and not talk about selling product. But I agree with the relational as opposed to transactional aspect she outlines. It's critical. You have to show the human side and let people realize you're not a corporate machine.

Other highlights:

According to the comment wall user greeting, comments that do not directly relate to the event topic will not be posted. Additionally, McNeil will not post comments “about any specific products or treatments, whether they are sold by McNeil Pediatrics, affiliated companies, or competitors.” Users are also prompted to accept McNeil's terms of use prior to posting.

Under the “resources” tab, the community page contains links to patient advocacy and medical groups, as well as governmental organizations. Patients seeking more information about treatment options can use the last link under the tab, which directs them to a page on the National Institute of Mental Health website. That page provides “the entire compendium of treatments [for ADHD],” said Geoghegan.

Seems to be well-thought-out and orchestrated, I wish them luck. I think you'll begin to see more of this in the short-term. It remains to be seen though how well people engage with branded and non-branded Rx/Dx sites. I think if companies stick to the human side and provide value-and lots of it to the users that they will do well. However, if Rx/Dx get greedy and start putting promotions and heavy product information out there I think it will come back to bite them.

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