Twitter + Doctors = Real Time Monitoring?

I am a fan of Twitter if only because I love to soak up information and distill into solutions. Whether it's reading magazines, blogs, or diving into Social Media I think he who has the most information usually wins. Twitter provides a decisive advantage in that regard.

The NYT has an article on Twitter and Doctor's. It also plays nicely into the connected health discussion.

But taken collectively, the stream of messages can turn Twitter into a surprisingly useful tool for solving problems and providing insights into the digital mood. By tapping into the world’s collective brain, researchers of all kinds have found that if they make the effort to dig through the mundane comments, the live conversations offer an early glimpse into public sentiment — and even help them shape it...
...Pairing sensors with Twitter leads some to think Twitter could be used to send home security alerts or tell doctors when a patient’s blood sugar or heart rate climbs too high. In the aggregate, such real-time data streams could aid medical researchers.
This is an interesting development, but really, until a Doctor gets reimbursed how much will this take off? It will but it will need some time. However, if a son, daughter or caregiver can be notified if someone falls down, doesn't wake up or has low blood glucose via a sensor and an alert--that would provide real value.

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