Mr. Obvious Award

You know, I think this Internet thing is going to stick around.

I want to start the official Rx/Dx Mr. Obvious awards for very time I read an article about Rx/Dx companies moving online that talks about the value of online. This is beginning to feel very similar to physicians going online. It's the overnight trend that has unfolded over the last 8 years or so.

The inaugural winner is Jonathon Mack at DMNews. It reads March 2009, but it would have read the same in 2006.
Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs may be some of the most visible products when it comes to TV and other mass-media ads. After all, who doesn't regularly see advertising for common pain relievers, allergy medicines or weight-loss aids? But while most OTC drug marketers still sink most of their bud­gets in mass-media channels such as TV and print, direct marketing, particularly online, has become a very viable option as budgets slim down.
"..particularly online, has become a very viable option as budgets slim down." No kidding.
“We're still seeing clients spend more than 90% of their budgets on TV,” says Mike Dennelly, director of digital marketing at agency G2, which works with several top OTC brands. “But the good news for direct marketers is that as TV becomes less and less effective in terms of getting people to go to the store and buy a product, targeted direct marketing is going to be increasing its share within our clients' budgets.”
90% of budgets on TV? Who? Where? Please tell me. It makes me realize the gap there is in digital strategy and I don't even see that gap being filled by agencies. Even if I am forgiving, I'd say that selling the benefits and value proposition needs more work--everywhere.

Here is a YouTube clip of Bob & Tom's very funny Mr. Obvious bits.

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