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The winds are shifting. There has been quite a bit of news coming out lately on the Rx/Dx and interactive fronts lately.

FDA and Search Engine Marketing via NYT:

The Food and Drug Administration ordered 14 drug makers to stop using what it called misleading ads on Internet search engines. The agency faulted the companies for failing to identify product names and side effects in sponsored search results, according to its Web site
Rx/Dx Going to Digital
Consumer marketers aren't exactly turning off the TV just yet, but with budgets tightening, blockbusters going off-patent and DTC TV in disrepute, they are spending more time on YouTube and Facebook.
Bend But Don't Break

Why the recession is affecting your work and why is now a good time to take a risk.

This unnamed project has got me thinking a lot about risk-taking. Todd Defren published a wonderful post on his blog a few weeks ago about how adversity (i.e., the recession), pushes people to break the mold and do things they would ordinarily not do. He urged readers to “take a gamble” and if it fails, one can “always blame the recession.”
Reckitt-Benckiser is shifting media to online--20M large!

"Reckitt-Benckiser will cap off its fifth straight year of organic sales growth with a new recession-approved media strategy: moving TV dollars to online video.

The company plans to shift an estimated $20 million in TV ad dollars to the web for more than 15 of its brands, including Lysol, Air Wick, Mucinex, Finish and Clearasil. The strategic shift is significant for the company, which has traditionally spent upward of 90% of its $475 million measured-media budget on TV, and less than $1 million in measured spending on the web in 2008, according to TNS Media Intelligence. Even though its 2008 internet advertising through the first half was already double its full-year internet spending in 2007, it was still only 1% of media spending.

Good move. CPG usually leads, Rx follows and Dx is trailing....

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