Interesting Perspective

Via Seth Godin

Drug companies have coined an acronym for the marketing they do that bypasses doctors: DTC. Direct to consumer. Those happy face ads you see in Readers Digest and other magazines, or the erectile dysfunction ads during the Super Bowl.

What they are totally unprepared for, and what your organization may be unprepared for is Direct from consumer.

If someone takes your medicine and gets sick, do you want to hear from them, or would you rather have them blog about it or make a video?

Most drug company marketers instantly say, "we want to hear from them!"


When your airline or hotel has a passenger or guest who is so angry he could spit, do you want to hear from him or do you want him to make a long Powerpoint that spreads around the whole web? Really?

And when your cable company or chiropractic clinic or consulting firm has a disappointed client, what about you? Really?

I think the actions of almost all marketers say, "we'd rather you were happy, but if you can't be happy, please go away."

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  1. Mark said...

    Great truism about customer feedback. It reminds me of how even more "remote" customer satisfaction was back in the 1980, when paper questionnaires asked your opinion (on a rigid scale), then you never saw the results, and NEVER even got a reply! Oooo. How times have changed.