Dr. Ratings

Via Heartbeat Digital

"Rich Barton, the guy who started Expedia and Zillow, a couple years ago told me that 'everything that can be rated, will be rated.'

But it seems that doctors are determined to fight the trend -- even though patients increasingly want that kind of information about their health care providers.

The latest development: A Web-based company called Medical Justice, started by a neurosurgeon, Jeffrey Segal, claims it 'can put a stop to defamation of doctors on the Internet.' The company basically takes the tack that doctors have nothing to gain from getting rated on-line by patients, so it offers a contract -- now apparently used by about 2,000 doctors -- that doctors can ask patients to sign before getting treated. The contract says the patient can't post comments or ratings on public Web sites.

Is this for real? That just tells me that there are 2000 Dr's out there that are concerned about the the type of care and service they provide. Crazy. Much like life, you reap what you sow and if you're a good doctor there is nothing to hide. Even in a situation like this, the voice of many will drown out the voices of a few.

A local site in Indianapolis has recently started a foray into physician ratings Angie's List.

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