Connected Health + Mobile Apps

After the announcement last week that iPhone would begin to be able to connect to medical devices via Bluetooth there was a small uproar about the potential. Here is a response article with Dave Whitlinger, President of the Continua Health Alliance via

What is the Continua Health Alliance?

The Continua Health Alliance is a non-profit industry consortium of 189 companies that is continuing to grow week-to-week. The effort behind Continua is to create this marketplace, or what we sometimes call an ecosystem, of interoperable, personal telehealth solutions. By bringing together all of the different companies that want to participate in delivering personal healthcare solutions, we are able to get them working together and collaborating on personal care delivery systems and from that drive the standards and connectivity components. The organization has been working now for 3 years and our version 1 guidelines were released in January. Our test and certification program is up and running and certifying products. About 15 or so products are currently in that pipeline. The first one, of course, was announced earlier this year. We are on to version 2, so we’re continuing to push forward with new devices, new use cases and new user experiences as well as new care delivery systems. It’s a really vibrant organization of some of the most dedicated engineers and healthcare professionals that I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.

I am obviously very bullish on the growth of connected health in general and via mobile devices in particular. I think we'll look back in 5-7 years and wonder how we didn't get by without a mobile device such as the iPhone. And I love the iPhone, but I think we're just beginning to see the power that device can have. Couple the promise of the iPhone with an end-to-end connectivity solution and EMRs and now you're talking something very, very valuable.

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