Not Necessarily the News

Growing up I remember the day we got cable very distinctly. I remember the first movie (Bronco Billy) I watched on the 19 inch TV that now beamed 30 (gasp) channels of cable goodness and I remember HBO becoming my friend.

A show on HBO that I watched, remotely laughed at and remember clearly is Not Necessarily the News, which was The Daily Show of the era. I remember that they skewered President Reagan pretty regularly for his short memory, gaffes and frequent vacations. It actually formed my opinion of President Reagan until I was old enough to understand what he really accomplished during his presidency.

It seems that news is always put through a prism and you can view from the angle you desire. However, I noticed the is putting direct press briefing transcripts on their site and you can see the weekly address that is posted each Saturday.

Like Shaq bypassing the media and going direct via Twitter, this type of transparency and frankly the opportunity to read and distill the information without filter is refreshing. I wouldn't necessarily call it the news, which seems to come with right or left lean, but information to draw my own conclusion. How novel.

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Updated to include Pres. Obama's weekly address.

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