Corporate Tweeting

Lately, I've been examining the value of Twitter mostly from a corporate/professional perspective. I hear frequently that people don't get it and I previously shared my analogy on if you are at a cocktail party with people of your choosing do you watch, listen or participate? Twitter is much the same way and you decide if you want to watch, learn or participate. Obviously it is preferred if you participate and add value.

Jeremiah, over at posted on how to get started. You can read his post here and the article from here.

Here is an (appropriately) short explanation of Twitter: Twitter is a free service that allows users to publish short messages of 140 characters or less. These messages are read by "followers" — people who make a conscious decision to subscribe to your messages and have them delivered to their own Twitter home pages.

Each message you post is known as a "Tweet." In the social media and social networking industry, Twitter facilitates a process known as microblogging or microsharing. Every user is identified by putting an "@" sign in front of their name (for instance: @cglynch).

From a professional Rx/Dx company perspctive I come back to a few key questions to ask if you're developing an engagement plan. What's your goal? Can you sustain this effort and create interest? Do you have content/thoughts that add value?

If you're unsure or answer no to any of the above you're probably not ready. The key is to not treat this as a "campaign" but a new method of creating ongoing dialogue. You have to start somewhere.


I also like as an interface to update all of your social networks.

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