What is Social Media

Interesting take from Caroline McCarty at CNET regarding the bursting bubble of social media. I would argued and have argued that the bubble isn't bursting per se on social media, but the bloom is off the rose. You have applications pretending to be businesses and what we're seeing is a very natural evolution.

However, the real juiciness of the story is revealed in this Gartner estimate:

Research firm Gartner estimated last fall that a full half of companies' "social media campaigns" will be unsuccessful, pouring some cold water on the hype surrounding buzzwords like "app-vertising" and "engagement ads." The problem, analyst Adam Sarner said at the time, is that too many companies fail to keep the interests of the community in mind.
First, I have to agree. Second it is because of one key word used--CAMPAIGN. By its very definition a campaign has a beginning and an end. SM should be wrapped into an overall strategy and be a part a full customer experience. If that is done, I think you have a very viable, participatory, engaged method of reaching your audience.

I am not sure if Adam Sarner used the word "campaign" or if that was Caroline the author's, maybe this will get picked up by his Google Alerts and he can let me know.

You can click here and here where I've touched on this in the past.

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