Social Media What's Next: Feedback 3.0

Social Media is now obviously becoming a mainstay in marketing and marketers all over are trying to understand how to harness it for its own good. However, I'd like to posit that particularly for Rx/Dx organizations and for health care overall that the real shift has yet to come and that next The New, New Thing will be that the the companies joining the conversation will actually be the marketing that takes place.

Media as we know is becoming so fragmented that it is not a stretch to say that mainstream media as we know will no longer exist. That is to say that the idea of newspapers, magazines, etc continuing to print news and publish news that people subscribe to will be kaput in the next 5-7 years. Information delivery be nearly real-time and will be delivered via computers and mobile devices. Sites like Huffington Post an aggregator with with a blend of bloggers, "real" news from sources such as AP and other sources will replace (and are) newspapers. Magazines will deliver online to cut costs and long feature stories may be the only thing that survives to make it to print. I think it will take a few years to get beyond 2,000 in the online format, but that may be a personal bias, because I do like to sit down with a magazine.

So what does that mean for marketers in health care and Rx/Dx? There are a ton of companies our there where you can do monitoring, but that literally and figuratively is only half the story. The sooner you JOIN the conversation the better. Customer Service will not only be reactive (waiting for the phone to ring) but it will also be proactive joining in the conversation and also asserting or proactively putting their message where the people are. This could be in the form of addressing bad service, correcting a mistake or simply being a representative for the company where the conversations take place. The difficult thing is that with human psychology being what it is, if you're not in the conversation how much damage are you doing? Immeasurable. They don't have time worn quotes like "out of sight, out of mind" for no reason and it applies today as much as ever.
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