The Day is Darkest Before Dawn

Call me a contrarian, but as we stare the worst economic times in many generations squarely in the eye, I am absolutely, 100%, clarity of mind, full of optimism for the future. Why you may ask?

Because I firmly believe we are living in the middle of a complete paradigm shift. Think resourcefulness, think Internet, think green, think breaking barriers, think mobile. If you are in business and more specifically, your business is finding people who like and will use your product/brand, service how can you not be excited about the opportunities?

As someone who loves a challenge, loves to buck status quo and prides himself on being positive and working hard--I am darn near giddy with excitement about what the future holds. Not to oversimplify things, but I will for brevity's sake, I think we're entering a small trough when the marketing paradigm is completely changing, when the current Web 2.0 "apps" that are currently serving as companies will die, or be swallowed up by bigger fish. When we come out of this trough, which will likely be as we enter into year 3 of the Obama Administration we will have the semantic Web, real connected health solutions, the beginnings of critical mass in mobile Web usage in the US and a new marketers paradise based on participatory brand marketing in the conversation.

I really believe we are on the cusp of real change and aggregation and innovation. So yes, my cup is half-full. There is absolutely nothing but green pastures in front of us.

How about you? What do you think?

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