Health 2.0

I was on vacation last week and am a bit behind on reading. I saw this article in the NYT from RWW.

I've discussed the potential of connected health and the sheer energy and excitement that surrounds the potential of harnessing technology and the Internet for better health. This article categorizes and compiles many of the companies that are pioneering new territory.

Connecting to Health Professionals

What we're all really wanting in health care web apps is the ability to connect with health systems and manage our health online. We're certainly not there yet - for example there's no way for me (in New Zealand) to connect online to my doctor or diabetes specialist, or to blood testing labs and chemists.

But there is progress being made, particularly in the US. In March at the Health 2.0 Conference, Bill Allman from noted some services that help consumers find, evaluate, and make an appointment with a doctor or health provider - e.g.,,,, and All of those services offer variations on the theme of enabling users to research local health resources, get reviews of them, and even book an appointment online.

Then there are apps such as MyMedLab - which enables consumers to order and pay for many routine lab tests online, then go to their local lab to get their blood drawn and have their results sent to them electronically.

There are also solutions for connecting consumers with professionals. For example Kryptiq is a provider of connectivity solutions for healthcare, for information sharing among healthcare professionals, their colleagues, and patients.

So connecting to healthcare professionals is happening, slowly but surely. How about medical diagnosis via the Internet then? Still a long way off, but companies such as IBM are experimenting in this arena.

Interesting, but I'd like to dig in and see metrics on adoption--of course the question on my mind is how do you monetize all of these services? What's the exit strategy? Like the portals of the dot-com days, advertising can't support everything and subscription services are tough to scale.

Any ideas?

Related visual accompaniment

Check the video from leading diabetes blogger and Health 2.0 advocate and expert Amy Tenderich of's good stuff.

I'm still waiting for Ortho companies to jump in....

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