TV is Dead

There I said it. I have wanted to say it for a while now, but for some reason I resisted the urge since, well, since it seems to be so proven. Don't get me wrong TV is not dead in the sense that it will cease to deliver moving pictures , but I really think it is dead as a advertising format unless you need to reach a large, fragmented audience , have a compelling offer or money to burn.

We can play a game of pick the reason but suffice to say it is a convergence of many things that has lead to the demise. The Internet, broadband penetration, video online, DVRs, Gen-X having kids and being busy, Gen Y not caring, you get the point. I thought the political season contributed to the wane of script based shows, but I think it is actually more lasting. The shows are not that good and no network has the patience to give a show like Cheers three years to find its footing and audience anymore. Further proof here and here.

Webisodes. It sounds like The Graduate and "plastics." But that is where we are.

So where does leave the marketer? I bet you know where I am going? Online. It's smarter, cheaper (generally) and measurable.

Other coverage here, here and here.

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  1. G√ľnes Yilmaztuerk said...

    Jim, do you think TV is dead or that the way marketers have been using TV is dead? Tv and radio didn't work because they were great media, they worked because audiences didn't have a choice. People were "glued" to the TV station they had chosen before remote controls were invented. Once the audience had remotes, they surfed during commercials. And then TIVO came along and you know the rest.

    TV is still clinging to some level of effectiveness; especially for certain groups such as kids who are not yet online (case-in-point: My 5 year old nephew and his mile-long xmas list). And the biggest mistake marketers are making is taking what they did with TV (advertising) and simply moving it online. Then they say online marketing doesn't work. Go figure.

  2. Jim Lefevere said...

    Hi Gunes, thanks for the comments. I fully agree with you. I think the way marketers use TV is dead. Fragmentation, device proliferation and people spending 20+% of their media consumption time online has limited the effectiveness of TV. All of this is to point out that I think effective digital usage is still nascent.