Health Trust

Research released last week indicates growing trust online with health sources. Via

Eighty-three percent of consumers responding to Prospectiv's 2008 Pharmaceutical Online Resources Poll who said that they have previously used the Internet to research ailments and drug treatments also reported that online media is their most trusted and reliable resource for health-related information -- up from 75 percent when a similar Prospectiv survey was conducted in 2007
We've obviously known for some time that health information was a major driver for going online. I've touched on it here, here and here.

However, what is new, or at least newer, is the fact that 83 percent of people polled said online is the MOST trusted source. That is a staggering number and indicates to me the power of being able to put the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

The issue with growth in interactive marketing online is the fact that in most organizations you have to give something up in order to invest more in interactive and I think there is a generational gap in understanding the power of the Internet for a marketing program. So you see a little dabbling here or there or enough investment to be able to proclaim that you're doing something, but not enough to be all in. I see this across multiple companies and multiple industries. The industries that actually get it are car manufacturers and CPG companies. I could point to numerous examples of targeted advertising and the right blend of information and engagement with consumers. Health care companies would be well served to take a page out of their marketing playbook to engage customers.

I think this also bodes well for the future of EHR, PHR (electronic & personal health records) and Microsoft's and Google's plans to be the spot for storage of records, albeit they are going about it differently.

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