Everything I Learned in Kindergarten + Customer Experience

I have been a fan of and a proponent of Bruce Temkin, an Analyst with Forrester and a thought-leader in the area of Customer Experience. When you look at the confluence of social media and ongoing media fragmentation this notion takes greater importance when you consider that in a recession that spending becomes very, very judicious. It seems like common marketing sense to me, but it is not easy to implement. You have to break down old thinking and in many cases educate on many levels to drive understanding. I am a firm believer that this thought and marketing approach will be become more prevalent in the years to come.

  1. Obsess about customer needs, not product features. In a changing economy, consumer needs change. Their basic needs don’t disappear, but their priorities shift and they look for creative ways to satisfy those needs. So it’s more important than ever to research what’s going on in the lives of your most important customers.
  2. Reinforce the brand with every interaction, not just communications. In a down economy, many companies are developing contingency plans and cutting budgets. So it’s easy to lose site of your brand’s core tenets. Don’t let this happen. Make sure to use your brand as a framework for making these decisions and keep reinforcing the importance of your brand with employees.
  3. Treat customer experience as a competence, not a function. Firms can’t forget that customer experience is like a film; customers interact with front-line employees (actors), but there are many people across the company (entire production crew) that create those moments (scenes). If senior executives don’t keep customer experience top of mind, than it will likely deteriorate. The result: Loss of customers (disappointing box office results).

Watch the video. Good Stuff--it's what I learned in kindergarten...it's about making promises and keeping promises.

Be authentic. It requires leadership, rolling up the sleeves and some hard work. The organizations that do the hard work will and are benefiting.

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