All a Twitter

J&J got itself into a small brouhaha over their Motrin web site. Something intended I'm sure to be slightly tongue-in-cheek and "wink-wink" ended up being a small PR nightmare for J&J.

Check out the ad here. Here is a quote from the blogger who started tweeting about it.

The beginning of the end for the Motrin push probably came Friday night, when Los Angeles blogger Jessica Gottlieb said she was tipped off to the ads and started expressing her outrage over the campaign on Twitter, where she has 1,018 followers.

First I give kudos to J&J for pushing the envelope when it comes to their interactive campaigns, I've talked about them before here and here.

But in this case, I'm kind of wondering how it slipped through the cracks? Seriously, there is so much research and testing done before you roll out a new campaign that their focus group recruitment model is completely off or they got caught with the proverbial left hook of the mommy blogosphere.

Great learning, I am glad it wasn't me. The question is and continues to be how can companies participate in the conversation and be authentic? It does speak of engaging in social networking to the extent where you consider developing a community to test your ideas with the target before you get too far down the path.
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  1. Jeff (Good Grape) said...

    The interesting thing to me is the mention of how many Twitter followers the folks have.

    In the last two months I've noticed a huge shift to Twitter and this is the first I've seen validity of opinion associated with # of followers.

    This is interesting because in traditional blogging most people don't openly talk about traffic.

    The times are a changin' in the social media space and Twitter has a lot of mojo right now.