Technology + Health

I have mostly focused my writing on this blog to interactive marketing, but that doesn't preclude my more than passing interest in the idea of technology enabling better health. I have had the recent fortune of being able to do some marketing work for The Continua Alliance, a consortium of companies with the mission of creating an ecosystem of connected health products.

Never mind the down economy and the fluctuations of the market from day to day, but if you look out over the horizon 3, 5, 7 and 10 years I see a swath of opportunity for companies in this space--pick your term, remote patient monitoring, e-health, disease management, tele-health, or connected health. I personally prefer the term connected health as it explains at a higher level the underlying growth opportunity. The opportunity to leverage technology + health for better health is exciting. This has been a few years away for about a decade, but it piques my interest because the Internet is mature and opportunities abound in a practical, useful way that can have a real impact on a real problem--healthcare delivery.

The conference, Connected Health put on by the Connected Health Organization has held a conference the last two days discussing this very topic. It reminds me of attending tradeshows when I worked in Internet start-ups in the late 90s, you hear the same type of questions like, "how are you going to make money?" and discussions on the best approach from a model perspective such as B2B or B2C. I'll probably start to cover this a bit more over time.

Lastly, I saw Clay Shirky speak, who I posted on a few months back He was a little more buttoned up and played the audience (Re: C-Level and MDs) than the presentation I posted but it was informative.

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