The Next 5,000 Days

Interesting perspective from Kevin Kelly, former Executive Editor of Wired magazine. The "consumer" internet is approximately 5,000 days old and he poses the question and his thoughts about the next 5,000 days.

I graduated from Indiana University in 1995 and distinctly remember the "Information Super Highway" coming into consciousness--at least in a mainstream kind of way. Moving into technology publishing and then on to a few start-ups, I feel like I have been along the entire way, at least as much as you can not being located in Silicon Valley. Having committed my career, albeit within a large health care organization, to online marketing, Web development and interactive, I personally can not wait to see what the next 5,000 days brings us.

It will surely involve deeper penetration into our lives through devices, accessibility and utility. It will also continue its unimpeded march towards the center of the "marketing" universe. And it will continue its unyielding pace in leading the way in the ongoing fragmentation of all media.

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  1. Machine said...

    The internet has evolved into a social experience which has drawn culture to it and being used in many different ways. That being said, companies and governments are now under more scrutiny then ever. Businesses should take advantage of digital marketing and plan accordingly. There is a huge opportunity to reach customers and promote their brand.