Micro Sites Revisited...

I won't belabor the point, because it's been covered here before, but micro sites are a good way of providing very focused content in a concise, engaging format. It's a perfect avenue to use for a product launch to engage and excite a consumer and tease them into your broader site or capture their data on the spot and follow-up quickly with a trial offer, switch-out for example via email.

Micro sites have a very useful place in the interactive marketing tool box and as a component of an integrated marketing plan. The truth is that they are just coming into the med device space. Pharma has been dabbling for years (see Viagra, Cialis, etc), but you can see examples such as this that nicely brings together some storytelling, video for engagement and trial opportunities. It's also pretty well branded.

David Armano at Logic + Emotion delves into the topic further. He raises a few good points. I like the challenge to rise above the clutter. For Med Device and Pharma the challenge is to go above and beyond what has been done to create something that is unique, engaging and compelling. It's a tall challenge and I look forward to the coming years as interactive seeps its way into organizations and becomes not just a tactic but THE strategy that starts marketing plans.
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