Care for a Pop?

I grew up n Northern Indiana. South Bend (St. Joseph County) to be exact. Known mostly for making Studebaker's back in the day and home to Notre Dame. But even Notre Dame doesn't want to necessarily brag about being in South Bend so they have their own zip code.

I distinctly remember going on a vacation to Sarasota, Florida in 1987 and as we drove down as a family of five in the Ford LTD and made our way south of Indiana, a couple of things became embedded in my memory. The first is the unmistakable smell of coffee and cigarettes at 6:00 in the morning that was at the time was truly gag worthy; and secondly that the waitresses in the restaurants we stopped at along the way would ask what kind of "soda" I wanted. This was strange to me because I wanted a "pop." To take my cultural immersion a step further as we got in Georgia the nice waitresses in the restaurant would ask if I wanted a Coke and what kind of Coke did I want? I was perplexed because where I came from there is only one kind of Coke. Even today, I still refer to it as "pop" and it "soda" still doesn't roll off the tongue...

These types of regional differences have always fascinated me and leave it to Paul Kedrosky at Infectious Greed to find the chart for it.
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