I stumbled upon this blog, The Harte of Marketing, via the Marketing 2.o group. Umm, I think she nailed it.

I get it, I really do. We are all busy, we all work too many hours, we have too many projects on our plates, it’s not our job, and we finished college and learning years ago.

That said I lost hours and hours of sleep, put off cleaning my house, and spent hours reading just trying to wrap my head around social media from a marketing perspective [and I’m not done yet!]. Trust me; I don’t think I am better than those who don’t have time for “this stuff” and I am far from being an expert. But what I am….is afraid of becoming extinct.

If you're connected to marketing, fancy yourself a quasi marketer, responsible for marketing in your company, whatever please explain to me who you are not immersing yourself in the Internet and Social Media.

Granted, this is a working in a large organization perspective, but, as I have said before and will say again, the marketing leaders of tomorrow are toiling away on Web sites and online media today. Fear is powerful motivator, push, drive cajole and otherwise convince those who may doubt that they need to get on the bandwagon ASAP....
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